Stories of an ALT in Kobe, Japan

JET Returnee

I have now returned to the US, but I will do my best to continue writing about my experience in Japan, as there are many, many things I never had … Continue reading

2013.07.31 · 1 Comment

Snapshots: Last day at one of my elementary schools

Today was the last day at one of my elementary schools, since I’m going back to the US at the end of the month. I really hate saying goodbye, but … Continue reading

2013.07.09 · 1 Comment

Snapshots: JHS

Discipline During lunch or recess, someone in 1組 (Class 1) of the 2nd years broke an eraser and was throwing the pieces at the front of the classroom. But no … Continue reading

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Snapshots: A Day at Elementary

The new principal at today’s elementary school is awesome. I was sad about last year’s principal retiring, but I have a feeling I’m going to be interacting a lot more … Continue reading

2013.04.23 · 1 Comment

Of Tunnels and Concerts

Exactly a week after being frightened by an earthquake, what do I do? Well, I spend more than an hour deep in the ground, in an abandoned waterway tunnel that … Continue reading

2013.04.20 · 1 Comment

Early Morning Earthquake

This morning I was literally shaken awake at 5:33 by the strongest earthquake I have ever experienced. I have to say that it was definitely the fastest I have ever … Continue reading

2013.04.13 · 1 Comment

A New School Year

The school year in Japan runs from April to March, not August/September to May/June like in the US. So in the past month I have experienced a graduation, closing ceremony, … Continue reading

2013.04.10 · 2 Comments